Thursday, July 24, 2014

Technicolor Hawaii SKIES

A L O H A !
Sky Full of Monkeys

" Laughter is
 carbonated holiness"
 Anne Lamott 

When small men 
attempt great enterprises,
 they always end 
by reducing them 
to the level of 
their own mediocrity. "
                      Napoleon Bonaparte 

" The only battle to win
 is the battle within "
                              Ali Vincent

"The best colour
 in the whole world
 is the one
 that looks good
 on you." 
                         Coco Chanel

"The secret of 
change is
 to focus all of 
your energy,
 not on fighting the old, 
but on building 
the new." 

Yeah, but this is a sunset!

Every Morning
the sun rises,
and I find YOUR Comments,
like mana,
dew from the 
nice of the world;
Like gaily wrapped

Thank You Fondly,

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Mural Fence

A  L  O  H  A !
Look: A Ranch & a

Look at me snappin the shot!

"What the soul knows
 is often unknown 
to the one
 who has a soul. 
We are 
infinitely more 
than we think. "
                              Kahlil Gibran


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Good Fences!

Thanks Friends,

Meeting Three Sisters

A   L   O   H   A !
click on these photos, they won't bite
“What you meet
 in another being
 is the projection 
of your own 
level of 
             Ram Dass

"Sisters don't need words. 
They have perfected a 
language of snarls
 and smiles and frowns
 and winks - 

expressions of shocked 
surprise and incredulity 
and disbelief. 
Sniffs and snorts 
and gasps and sighs - 
that can undermine 
any tale you're telling." 
                                     Pam Brown

" It is amazing
 how much love 
and laughter
 they bring into our lives
 and even how much 
closer we become 
with each other
 because of them.” 
               John Grogan


Lightening in a bottle
tightening up the throttle
joying in the mottled
days of Summer Time!

Your sweet visits
are certainly 
no bummer!

Love the texture
of your life,
refuse to worry-
or strife.

Untangle the knots
patiently as you go
melting away
the rock-hard snow.

In the gravest
of times,
Angels Always

[After all:
I'm still alive]

What's on your heart
                    Fondly, cloudia