Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take a 5 Minute Walk in Waikiki

A    L    O    H    A  !
Will You

Join me

in a wee drop?

 Gaping Ginger 

are YOU 
looking at?!"

the Shower Trees 
will Bloom!
[taken last Summer]

At Looking
 You are?

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                                   Warmly, cloudia

Celebrate Irritate

A    L    O    H    A  !
Story of the Big Town, Big Sky

"Who are my greatest
spiritual teachers?
Those who have
hurt me the most. "

Shirley Maclaine

But full of little stories: 
the last little house 
on a street in Waikiki

Glimpse of RED

Entire crimson head

“. . . your enemies are 
your best spiritual teachers 
their presence provides 
you with the opportunity 
to enhance and develop 
tolerance, patience 
and understanding.  ” 

 Dalai Lama

 you start to notice
something that 
You Do

 -have often done-

But now 
you don't like it,
not proud of it --

Celebrate that regret!

It means that You
are growing.

This beats the hell
out of perfecting the
of why you are 
and all beyond your 
own control, 

I prefer scenario #1
owning the jerk I am,
embracing the 
I am Becoming.

Perfection stifles
comparisons mere trifles
be ever Mindful;
with Revival.

Your Friendly Jerk,