Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Vampire


Ill Be Home For Christmas by Bing Crosby on Grooveshark

Gosh it feels like Christmas!
  The TV is showing blizzards
in North America,
Mrs. Obama and the girls
are here on Oahu with us. . .

The parking lots at Ala Moana Shopping Center
are full,
  the road to the interstellar telescopes
atop the summit of Mauna Kea
is closed
because of snow and inclement weather.

There is hurry, frustration, &
transformative joy 
at loose on this island.

  Locally based troops
were the last group to leave Iraq this weekend.
Our  Hawaii Air National Guard brought them home.

We see them marching into the hangar
to the jubilation of their families
on local TV news and it makes
me cry every time.

Can't help thinking of what poet Robert Graves,
a combatant in WWI,
said of the night that 
that war ended:

" The news sent me out walking. . .
cursing and sobbing
and thinking of
the dead. "


Holiday cards are coming in 
bringing an air of festivity
into our home.

especially this year,
we are doing NOTHING
but enjoying it all!

There will be DRY champagne,
and happy times.

We are sort of:
Christmas Vampires,
enjoying it all through the emotions
of others,

It has been wonderful
visiting all of your posts,
looking around at all the jollity,
and deep reflection,
then leaving for the next party-
all without bringing anything
but a friendly comment,
or being thought rude
for leaving so quickly.
Thank YOU
for sharing this wondrous season!

Mindful of New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanza,
I have always enjoyed wishing others:
"Happy Holidays."

Nowadays, some who find that offensive
(as denying the primacy of christians)
have taken all the joy out of it.

I refuse to say Merry Christmas,
because bullies dictate it.

Glad you and I
are past all that!

Thanks SO much-

Tell us a small holiday treasure you enjoy
in comments !
                                                                     Fondly, cloudia