Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doritos Fishing

Welcome to Sunday Jump-Ups!

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Fishermen working for Frito-Lay go out at dawn.
 Here we see them returning to port with the huge Mother-Doritos
 that are processed into the snack you know.

 Each "mother" yields 12 dozen cases of Doritos.
Some are kept in huge tanks for research and breeding purposes.  A water show was attempted years ago,
 but these gentle giants don't put on much of a show - except when they are spawning!
 Sailors of old described their wonder at oceans churning with orange triangle babies under a full moon.
  Careful conservation
 keeps the breed from the endangered list. 
 Man could never produce such a tasty treat in a
 mere laboratory!

Rat Fink is quietly retired
in Waikiki. Here

The children of Diamond Head Elementary School
play `neith the emerald slopes of their school's
name sake.

Let's you and I sit by the pool awhile.

"Hold out your hands
And ask for health and happiness
For all those you have met and love
Letting the message be carried away
On a gentle prairie breeze."

"Out on the Prarie Blog"

I brought some GAU from Chinatown for us.
Happy New Year - Gung Hee Fat Choy

Just gotta call about this deal first!


Good Luck in the  
Year of the Golden Rabbit!


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        today?  cloudia

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Thanks for stopping by,
as we say 'ALOHA'
 to a hardy band

"A truly rich man
 is one whose children run into his arms
 when his hands are empty." 


"She sits composedly sentinel, 

with paws tucked under her-"

 Henry David Thoreau


Gung Hee Fat Choy!

Good Luck in the 
Year of the Golden Rabbit!


Today they get into the canoes.
Over a thousand of them will be taken offshore.

They have been carefully hand-raised
 in a hatchery at Sand Island's Anuenue fisheries research station here on Oahu.

Now they have a job to do:
to restore the natural reef in Kaneohe Bay.

"aggressive seaweed"
 is a growing problem for the fragile reef ecosystem
 in the bay.

(Incidentally, that is the Kaneohe High School Mascot:
"The Aggressive Seaweeds."
Nah! Just kidding!)

“This is the first time we have been able to raise urchins
 in captivity; very few places in the world ever do this,”
 said Christy Martin with the Coordinating Group
 on Alien Species.



State aquatics resource scientist David Cohen

 and his colleagues collected adult specimens from the wild 

and used their sperm and eggs

 to propagate the microscopic creatures

with a lot of trial and error

 transferring the urchins from tank to tank as they grew.

Cohen calls them his babies,

 and they eat a lot.

“We give them as much variety as we can.

We use native seaweeds and we fatten them up

until they can get out on the reefs and do their jobs,”

 He says.

We needn't  worry about the area being overrun with urchins, though,

“We can actually herd these guys like cows and goats.

We keep them where we want them 
and if they migrate to 
another area,

 we pick them up and move them elsewhere,”
 Cohen said.

The urchin release later today will happen
 in water 2-6 feet deep.

 His "babies' are not very poky, Cohen says.

 "If you happen to step on them,
 you are more likely to hurt the urchin than to get hurt yourself."

Go With God, Little Eco-Warriors!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

State of Union Insights

"There's no doubt 
that the residue of Hawaii will always stay with me,
 and that is part of my core.
  What's best in my message,
 is consistent with the tradition of Hawaii."

President Barack Obama,
speaking in Honolulu, 
December 2004

 The ALOHA Spirit
 is enshrined in the State Law of Hawaii
 which refers to it as:

 "-the essence of relationships
 in which each person
 is important to every other person
 for collective existence."

 "The multicultural nature of Hawaii. . .
has a cultural bias toward courtesy
 and trying to work through problems
 in a way that makes everybody feel
 like they're being listened to.
  And I think that reflects itself in my personality
 as well as my political style."

Barack Obama

"Barry (the President) has a depth of knowing
that what we have in common in Hawaii
 is our difference.
That's Hawaii."

Manu Alulii Meyer,
his schoolmate at Punahou School,

"Hawaiians are affiliative;
 we really want to bond with people.
Every time I see Obama, he's touching people,
That's island all the way."

Sally-Jo Bowman, 
author: The Heart of Being Hawaiian 


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      to YOU, cloudia

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25 Years

ALOHA Friend,
 and welcome to a very special post.
  I won't try to write well today,
or try to be clever-

 I'll just say a couple of things.

play da music

Today dawned like any other.

"The thing that is really hard,
and really amazing,
is giving up on
being perfect
and beginning the work
of being yourself."

Anna Quindlen

But it was 25 years ago

-That a young(ish) dancer with plenty of attitude,
who was me,
walked into a Jazz Club. . .

and met a man.

We've been together ever since.

Blog-invisible. As Always.
 Yet always a palpable presence
 in everything I do...

"Integrity has no need of rules." 
Albert Camus                                                            
 'When someone loves you,
 the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe
 in their mouth."

Billy - age 4


Thanks Honey.

Thanks Life.

Monday, January 24, 2011


      Nice to Have You Visit
                                         Today :)

Glad you could make it here early
 and in time. . . 

We're hunting a dangerous and wily prey. . . 
is there one in there?

Kitty, have you seen. . . ?

Little boy, has one run this way?

There's one behind that bush! 
 The wild  Pipe-er-oo!
Shhhhhh, it see's us.

There's a monster!  Too big for us-


Caught one!

I'm gonna take this sucker home and
clean it for supper.
Good eating!

            ><}}(°>       <°)}}><

"Few people even scratch the surface,

 much less exhaust

 the contemplation of their own experience."

Randolph Bourne


What magical beasties await you today?

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look For Richard!


 Thanks For Swimming By :)

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone,
 but on trees and flowers
 and clouds and stars."

  Martin Luther

"When you fish for love,
 bait with your heart,
 not your brain."

Mark Twain

"Painting is something that takes place
 among the colors, 
 ... one has to leave them alone completely,
 so that they can settle the matter
 among themselves." 

Rainer Maria Rilke

My Pal Richard

"A true friend
is someone who thinks that
you are a good egg
even though he knows
that you are slightly

Bernard Meltzer



Yesterday I had Dim Sum
 with my buddy
 Richard Rodrigues.

"What have you been doing lately?"
 I asked him.

Aside from his usual pro-social activities writing grants
for community organizations and stuff like that, 
Richard has been open to new opportunities lately,
and BOY
 has he latched on to something good!

Tonight after the NFL Football Playoffs
 (here in the States)
CBS will be showing (off) it's most popular
 new TV show of the season:
 Hawaii 5-O.

Watch the scene in the Tsunami HQ
and you will see Richard as a technician
in the crucial action!

He worked with Scott Caan and
Alex O'Loughlin!

Isn't that cool?

But that's not all!

Richard has also been appearing
 as a (background) regular
in the ABC show Off The Map,
 in which our island stands in
for South America.

Richard answered the call
 for a Hispanic-looking adult male
and now makes regular appearances
 as a "local doctor"
on that show!

"That's amazing, Richard!
  I'm so happy for you.
 Anything else?"

"Well," He replied, "I do have a part
 in the film Battleship." 
(currently wrapping up here on Oahu).

Richard is now a member of the actor's union.

Hope he will still find time to meet me in Chinatown!

Possibilities are afoot, Friends!

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