Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !
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From the California Fires

A  L  O  H  A  
             From the North Bay 

Too close! But we are 
safe, except for
smokey air 
for days now. 
It is humbling to
see places close to me, 
that I know, totally gone. 

The people of this area 
are my neighbors and I've 
been amazed by the 
Aloha & professionalism 
I am seeing all around me! 

A fire Marshall from this town (Novato) 
the Fire Chief of Mill valley,
& another fire fighter from 
San Francisco, all 
lost their homes  
in Santa Rosa 
(30 mins north of here) 
one week ago on 
Sunday night.

But they, and many 
others who lost all,
are on the job, 
protecting the public.

In one case, a young iron worker
lost all of the tools that 
support his family.
A senior couple whose 
iron worker son had died of cancer
gave him all of the 
tools they had saved!

Dr.s, nurses and allied professionals
 at Kaiser and another 
hospital in Santa Rosa 
watched their own homes 
burning on the hill while they worked 
to help the people coming in. 
Very sad.  Deeply inspiring!

Fire companies from
surrounding counties
and states are making
good progress. In some
cases their are enough
assets to save whole farms
and neighborhoods from
encroaching flames!

Some of my senior friends 
were evacuated. 

I bought n-95 
breathing masks 
on Friday for us. 

Farms, Vineyards, Wineries:
All Gone.
Many domestic animals
big and small
have been rescued.

In one scene, officers from
San Francisco, in their
SFPD cruiser, helped to
corral frightened livestock;
A far cry from the streets
of San Francisco!

And let's spare a prayer
for the frightened
and thirsty wildlife!
People who find ashes
where their homes were,
nonetheless, are telling
one another to put out
water for the foxes,
deer, raccoons, bobcats
and such.

Anyway.... what shines forth is ALL 
the wonderful humanity and helpers! 
Our community center near here is 
FULL of supplies donated. 

I feel a new courage 
about whatever the 
future brings because 
I see how people 
REALLY step up for 
each other in an emergency!

There is a great spirit here.
The spirit of '17.
A new motto has emerged:
"The love in the air is
thicker than the smoke."


Thank YOU
Dear Friend
                   Gratefully, Cloudia