Sunday, April 22, 2012

Honolulu Murals

A   L   O   H   A 

Let's look at a few
murals around Honolulu:

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This powerful chief is holding a

Such a tough looking octopus for an attendant !

Unfortunate Underling! 

" Kamehameha V (1830–1872), born as
 Lot Kapuāiwa
reigned as monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi 
 from 1863 to 1872.

 His motto was "Onipa`a": immovable, firm, steadfast or determined;

 he worked diligently for his people and kingdom and 
was described as the last great traditional chief.  

His full Hawaiian name prior to his succession was
 Lota Liholiho Kapuāiwa Kalanimakua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui Aliʻiolani Kalani-a-Kekūanaōʻa. "


Angry & Powerful!

Entire Composition

Warriors emerge from the sea
in gourd helmets, 
brandishing spears
and a shark-tooth dagger
 in the foreground.

" Want a nice Hawaiian Punch? "

If I was a cartoon,
I'd run into the hills
of this mural.

And of course:

The Dragon misses

" You use a glass mirror
 to see your face; 
you use works of art 
to see your soul.  "

George Bernard Shaw 


Thank YOU
for visiting 
the soul of our
Honolulu town

                      Warmly, cloudia

Losing YOUR Internet in July?

 A  L  O  H  A !

 " A prudent question
 is one-half of wisdom.  "

Francis Bacon

" Chance fights 
ever on the side 
of the prudent.  "



 " - who is prudent
 and lies in wait 
for an enemy who is not, 
will be victorious.  "

Sun Tzu

" It is better to be
even though
 one makes more mistakes,
 than to be narrow-minded 
and all too prudent.  "

Vincent Van Gogh

  > < } } (°>

 " The FBI is warning
 that hundreds of thousands of computers
 could lose their Internet connections
 come July, 
unless they take steps
 to diagnose and disinfect their computers.
The problem is related to malware called DNSChanger 
that was first discovered way back in 2007 and that has infected millions of computers worldwide."

  Edward Moyer,

You can check your machine NOW
by clicking on the links below.

 Check your machine - HERE
 Other Languages -  HERE
Learn more -

" Life has no blessing 
like a prudent friend. "


This is essentially
a selfish post;
To lose YOU
would be

So be safe.

Let's be kind,

Thank YOU
for visiting.

                                         Warmly, cloudia