Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hiding At Home

A l o h a !
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The Sky is so Vast!

" Great events
make me quiet and calm;
it is only trifles
that irritate my nerves. "

Queen Victoria

My heart is so tiny- 
but the Love it contains
reaches to the skies.

" The way is not in the sky.
The way is in the heart. "


" We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself 
the means of inspiration and survival.  "

Winston Churchill

We each paddle our skin canoe.
Conditions change day to day,
minute to minute.
Will there be a paradise cove, 
surrounded by a loving reef,
containing sweet water?

Unseen, a Helper paddles behind us.
The waters around us are tipped
with the gold of Spirit.

But life's brine
brings on a mighty thirst;
so paddle, paddle. . . 
rest and paddle some more!

Sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed.

I am grateful
and genuinely happy
most of the time.

But some mornings I awake with a start.

Perhaps I should delete all this
and just run some pictures
and some cool quotes;

But I want to share my achievement:
"From Survival to Satisfaction."
(That's the subtitle of my Hawaii novel:
"Aloha Where You Like Go?"
Check it out

Like that clown punching-bag
somehow I return upright
to peace and beauty every time.

Then I'll be embarrassed by this post.
But perhaps there is important truth here:

You are not alone.

Sometimes it just takes us 
a little while to feel good again,
to stop focusing on all the "issues"
and to rediscover
the eternal hum of loving truth
underlying everything.

Perhaps all I need
is to rest a while,
to dream,
to stare,
even to hide away.

Mostly on these days
I just want to quarantine my existential angst
at home.

But today I dare
(Dare I?!)
to show you
the trembling weakling 
behind the curtain.

Isn't that how friends are made?

By being yourself?

So here's this lump of coal
in the stocking of 'Cloudia.'

Let's be human together!

Let's make this
a day of heart
and of new beginnings:
I salute you, 
my friend!

And if you are hiding at home today
like me,
I want you to know
that you are not alone.

we ALL feel this way.
Life is made of circles,
of seasons, 
of weather inside 
and weather out there.

Let's ride the Comfort Spiral

And if you have the time,
leave me a comment.

For we are blessed 
to feed each other.

Don't look away!
For I am you,
and to love my hurt
is to heal your own-
and the world's. 

           Warmly,  Cloudia

" He that is become mad with sadness 
and heaviness,
 to him ought fair to be spoken
and made merry;
 many things should be promised him,
and some given.
 The same bringeth them
soon to their senses. "

John Hollybush,
  The Homish Apothecary 1561