Monday, October 28, 2013

What Three Words?

A   L   O   H   A   !
Play the song - really goes with the picture
" Silly cowboy,
 trucks are for girls! "
bumper sticker

" It aint the clothes
 that make the cowgirl,
 it's the attitude and heart. "

Cowgirl Wisdom

" The day you were born 
was the day that God decided 
that the world could not exist 
without you. "

Rabbi Nachman.

Like many others do,
 we Hawaii folk get most of our supplies
 out of the big trailers usually pulled by 
trucks (lorrys)
but ours travel between the islands
 onboard barges like this one!

   ><}}(°> ~


You & I have been


We are handcuffed


in the back of

a police car.

What would YOU


Use only 3 Words -


                          Warmly, cloudia