Friday, August 16, 2013

Narrow Band of Fools

A  L  O  H  A !                                            Everybody Plays the Fool by The Main Ingredient on Grooveshark
“ If the doors of perception
 were cleansed
 everything would appear
 . . . as it is, 

Infinite. -

- For man has closed himself up,

 till he sees all things

 thro' narrow chinks

 of his cavern.”

 William Blake

It appears to me
that most people
dwell in a very
 narrow band
of perception & behavior.

Rebels conform
to the other rebels.

And everyone's eyes
& attention
are focused on
not surroundings
or others.

In public places:
restaurant, waiting area,
it amazes me
how many of us
dwell in single-seater
consciousness bubbles;
Lost in thought,
noticing little,
smiling at no one,
oblivious to the passage
of others.

What's up with the two shoppers
in an otherwise empty isle
who park their carts(trolleys)
side by side
impeding approaching humans?

Are they passive aggressive?
Hungry for significance?
really oblivious?

And the adults I see,
holding a child,
 or children's hand(s)
who step right into the road
without even looking;
What are they teaching
those children?

What keeps today's chat
 from being
a True Rant
(I hope :)
is a little tonic
that I use myself
against the petty
of others:

I simply remember
how many times
it is I who have been:
impatient, rude,

Puts it all into perspective.

We do not treat others well
only when they measure up,
that nobility is entirely
up to each of us.

We all put up
 with each other

Everybody plays the fool.

                              Fondly, Foolishly, cloudia
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