Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Balancing Act


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"The golden moments
in the stream of life
rush past us,
 and we see nothing but sand;
the angels come to visit us,
 and we only know them
when they are gone."

George Eliot

" Surroundings inspiring to live in. "

"Real wealth consists
of things of utility and beauty,
in things
that help to create strong,
beautiful bodies
and surroundings 
inspiring to live in."

Emma Goldman

"Pleasure is spread through the earth
In stray gifts to be claimed
by whoever shall find."

-William Wordsworth, 1806

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"Every human being
has hundreds of separate people
living under his skin.
The talent of a writer is his ability
to give them their separate names,
identities, personalities. . ."

Mel Brooks


Any martial-arts master 
will tell you

is the root of

We all get tugged
into the future,
and into our past,

That does not help us
to become masters of the
dealing with what
as it enters OUR 
home court advantage.

Lean too far forward
or back
and you cannot catch the ball,
and score
in one fluid motion.

Make it come to

Whatever "it" is today.

Bonus is
that foresight becomes
instant, insightful & effective;
 completely different
than debilitating worry
or regret.

Saint Oprah said:
"Doing the best at this moment
puts you in the best place
for the next moment."

And our wisest US President
Lincoln reminds us that:

"The best thing about the future
is that it comes only
one day at a time."

Don't just DO something!
Be poised, relaxed.
Just tell them that you're not lazy,
you're READY!
What do you say to that?
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          warmly, cloudia