Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rural Puna, Hawaii's Big Island

January Moon Honolulu Harbor

A  L  O  H  A !
" If people sat outside

 and looked at the stars

 each night,

I'll bet they'd live

 a lot differently. "

Bill Watterson 

" Strange things
 blow in through my window
 on the wings
 of the night wind
 and I don't worry 
about my destiny. "

Carl Sandburg 

 “ We have the capacity 
to receive messages
 from the stars
 and the songs
 of the night winds. "

Ruth St. Denis 

I want to think again
 of dangerous 
and noble things. -
I want to be light 
and frolicsome. 
I want to be 
and beautiful -

- and afraid of nothing 
as though I had wings.”

 Mary Oliver 

I like the lady with the blue parasol behind him

" Don't laugh at youth
 for his affectations; 
he is only trying on 
one face after another
 to find his own.  "

Logan Pearsall Smith

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