Friday, April 8, 2011

Believe in Astrology?

Aloha               你好

"A book is like a garden
carried in the pocket."
 Chinese proverb

The palest ink
is better than the best memory.
 Chinese proverb

"Married couples who love each other
tell each other a thousand things
without talking."
 Chinese proverb 


Do you believe in astrology?

If 'believe' means that the stars rule us,
no matter what we do;
Then no, I don't believe that.

But I'm always interested to look into
the collected wisdom of generations,
confident of finding
some useful 'intel' 

Few useless things
hang around for very long.
(No mother-in-law jokes here please!)

In fact,
learning a bit about lunar
(Chinese) astrology
has been helpful
if only
in reminding me
that we live amidst a constellation
of ever shifting influences,

wherever they come from.

It has been helpful by
reminding me that:
while we may feel a certain way
right now-
it is never a permanent condition.

To often we think of ourselves as "fixed'
in who we are;
But we are actually becoming
every minute.

As long as there is life,
there is choice.

And fixed thinking
does not well serve us
     on our merry way. . .

Tomorrow we will look at things
with new and different eyes.

Thank you for sharing my lazy spirals!

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