Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Great Deed

A    L    O    H    A  !
“ Calmness is 
the cradle of
 power. ” 

 J.G. Holland

" No great deed, 
private or public, 
had ever been 
undertaken in a 
bliss of certainty."

Leon Wieseltier

" If 
you saw a heat wave, 
would you wave 
back? "

Steven Wright

" Excuse me 
while I kiss 
the sky. "

Jimi Hendrix


We try to avoid 
 the unpleasant.

But overlooking 
part of experience
only gives us 
'blind spots."

   When we observe 
without shying away
 from the pain,
insight has a way
of finding us. 

Pain brings truth
 as pleasure does.

 And a wrong turn
can bring you 
to unexpected 
fresh insights-
about ourselves.

to Self & Other
is a source of

Pause briefly
from being 
the Hero,
or Victim,
and inhabit
the place of the

" Everything changes 
once we identify with 
being the witness 
to the story, 
instead of the 
actor in it.” 

 Ram Dass 

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