Sunday, September 4, 2022

Look Then Hear

A L O H A From Honolulu!

I get up in the morning 
looking for an adventure.
          George Foreman

Many a man would rather
you heard his story
 than grant his request. 
 Earl of Chesterfield

Why not seize the 
pleasure at once?
How often is happiness 
destroyed by preparation, 
foolish preparation?
                   Jane Austin

Koto Players

Music is not of human invention, 
but is our heritage from
the blessed spirits. 
Tomas Luis de Victoria*

Male Shiisaa

"Some Okinawans believe the female has her mouth closed to "keep in the good", while the male has his mouth open to "scare away the bad"
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If you don't think
 every day is a good day, 
just try missing one.
  Cavett Robert



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* Tomás Luis de Victoria (sometimes Italianised as da Vittoria; c. 1548 – c. 20–27 August 1611) was the most famous Spanish composer of the Renaissance. He stands with Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and Orlande de Lassus as among the principal composers of the late Renaissance, and was "admired above all for the intensity of some of his motets and of his Offices for the Dead and for Holy Week".[1] Unlike his colleagues, however, his surviving oeuvre is almost exclusively sacred and polyphonic vocal music, set to Latin texts. As a Catholic priest, as well as an accomplished organist and singer, his career spanned both Spain and Italy. However, he preferred the life of a composer to that of a performer.[2] Wikipedia