Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun Fountains

A   L   O   H   A  !
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 Oh How Lovely the Jacaranda Blossoming in April, Waikiki

“The speech of God’s 

beautiful woman is a 

fountain of life to 

those around her.” 

 Elizabeth George

The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 

 Everyone Loves Sporting Water. Some Even Looked Up

“ Some people drink 
from the fountain of knowledge, 
others just gargle.”

 Dr. Robert Anthony

“ The hardest of all 
is learning to be 
a well of affection,
 and not a fountain,
 to show them 
that we love them,
 not when 
we feel like it, 
but when they do. ”

 Nan Fairbrother

“ The child-soul 
is an ever-bubbling fountain
 in the world of humanity. ”

 Friedrich Froebel 

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Birds in Flight Appearing in Photos Are Angels

“ Just as heart 
is a fountain 
of unspoken words,
the universe is
 a womb 
of wonder weird

Toba Beta


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