Friday, August 29, 2014


A  L  O  H  A !  
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" Insincerity
 is always weakness; 
even in error
 is strength. "
          George H. Lewes

Hard Working Young Woman

 " A friend 
is a person 
with whom I may
 be sincere. 
Before him
 I may think aloud.” 
         Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hurrying Tugboat / US Coast Guard
maintaining navigation buoys 

"I'm from the government,

and I'm here to help."
"I sincerely believe 
that banking establishments 
are more dangerous 
than standing armies" 
Thomas Jefferson 
USA Co-Designer,
USA President,
University Founder


2 in 1: Fishing boat &
  surfers [to the right]
" Nothing in the world 
is more dangerous 
than sincere ignorance. "
           Martin Luther King, Jr.

Waikiki Morning / Construction Fence

“Truly appreciate
 those around you, 
and you'll soon find 
many others around you. 
Truly appreciate life, 
and you'll find 
that you have 
more of it.
Ralph Marston


Thank YOU Sincerely!

                 Warmly, cloudia