Friday, August 30, 2013

Money Song

A  L  O  H  A !
Love Bites by Def Leopard on Grooveshark
 “ Pilgrimage to 

the place of the wise 

is to find escape 

from the flame of 



" Your task is not

 to seek for Love,

 but merely to seek 

and find 

all the barriers 

within yourself that 

you have built 

against it. "


“ To praise the sun 

is to praise 

your own eyes. ” 


 ><}}(°> ~

Today's song,

"Love Bites"
by Def Leopard,

came on 
the radio
this morning.

I knew it in 4 notes.

The flashbacks began
soon after.

my body rocked;

Some things
you never forget.

New in Honolulu,
late 1980's,
parting that curtain
separating noon sun
from dank
strip club. . . .

Wasn't THIS
ALWAYS the song
playing? Look,
Savanna is on stage
not awake yet.

I flew in from Kona,
danced noon
to midnight
Friday & Saturday.

Had adventures
after hours
till early Sunday's
morning flight.

Made a lot 
of Kala
with that song!

Long may it
make me

If today's topic
"Cloudia stripping for money"
is news to you,
click on the book 
at the top of this blog
and read my whole,
very cool,
Hawaii story.

[ Hope I haven't
lost anyone!
But hey,
gotta speak my truth,
and at this age
I like to reminisce
about show biz dayz. ]

We just got to 
the illusive
500 Friends' Faces
in the sidebar.

Just in time
to  learn some truth
all from a song;

Thanks friends.
Please DO come back
when normal

Warmly, Desiree
er, I mean Cloudia
(heh heh)