Friday, December 6, 2013

Great Light Goes Out of the World

A  L  O  H  A !
Mandela You're Free by Barrington Levy on Grooveshark
 "Each of us is
 as intimately attached to the 
soil of this beautiful country
 as are the famous jacaranda trees 
of Pretoria and the
 mimosa trees of the bushveld -
 a rainbow nation at peace
 with itself and the world."

 Nelson Mandela,  
President of South Africa 
first month of office

 "Mandela's enduring legacy is that,
 under a crushing burden of oppression 
he saw through differences, 
discrimination and destruction 
to embrace our 
common humanity," 

Bill Clinton
former US President

"The name Mandela 
stirred our conscience
 and our hearts. 
It became synonymous 
with the pursuit of dignity 
and freedom across the globe. 
a great light
 has been extinguished. 
The boy from the Transkei has 
finished his long walk. 
His journey transformed 
not just South Africa, but 
humanity itself. 
As we mark his passing, 
we give thanks 
for the gift of 
Nelson Mandela. 
We ask that his spirit 
continues to inspire, 
guide and enlighten us 
as we strive to bring 
freedom and dignity 
to the family of 
man, our brothers 
and sisters, 
across the world," 

 Enda Kenny,
Ireland's Prime Minister 

"A great light has 
gone out in the world. 
Nelson Mandela 
was a hero of our time. "

David Cameron ,
United Kingdom Prime Minister 

"He no longer belongs to us;
 he belongs to the ages,” 

Barack Obama 
US President 

May His Greatness 
Live in US
                                          Fondly, cloudia