Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Shadows Recede

A  L  O  H  A !
Lowell Arizona by Anissa Gunther

As long as anger 

dominates our disposition, 

there is no possibility 

of lasting happiness. 

   Dalai Lama

A good laugh is 

sunshine in a house.

            William Thackeray

Finnegan's Bar, Marin CA

Without deviation 

from the norm

progress is not possible.

            Frank  Zappa

Before Times, 2013

Never love anyone 

who treats you

like you're ordinary.

 Oscar Wilde

There is a calmness 

to a life lived in 

gratitude, a quiet joy. 

 Ralph Blum

Every time you do 

a good deed you 

shine the light a little 

farther into the dark. 

And the thing is, 

when you're gone 

that light is going to 

keep shining on, 

pushing the 

shadows back.

    Charles de Lint


We Love You!
                Cloudia & Pixie