Thursday, November 19, 2015


A  L  O  H  A !
Oahu, Hawaii

" Everyone 
and everything 
around you is 
your teacher. "
                 Ken Keyes Jr

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Thank You!

Magical San Francisco

A  L  O  H  A !
"One day if I go to heaven ... 
I'll look around and say, 
'It ain't bad, but
 it ain't San Francisco.'" 
                            Herb Caen

“It's an odd thing, but 
anyone who disappears 
is said to be seen 
in San Francisco.
It must be a delightful city 
and possess all the 
attractions of the next world” 
                                 Oscar Wilde

Irreverence, independent-mindedness and 
a hunger for far-off cultures have 
defined it {San Francisco} ever since people 
began streaming into the area in 1849 
in search of new fortunes from gold, and
 a settlement of 812 souls became within 
two years a city of almost 25,000, many 
from China, Korea and Australia, clustered 
around more than 1,000 gambling houses.” 
                                                   Pico Iyer

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Honolulu feels pretty special,
but San Francisco is a 
unique and beautiful place
in it's own right.

I have longed to live there
since 1967, and have 
visited over the years.

Yesterday, we drove south
to The City
and it did not disappoint!

The light, the colors, the people;
the architecture, the cultures,
the smell of Art & Brains
in the maritime air.

Suddenly, we feel 
that much BETTER
about the choice we've made.

Yes, I am in a beautiful place,
and when I want
what the world's great cities
offer, it is an hour away,
over the Golden Gate,
into a magic realm.

Be sure to wear
some flowers
in your hair!

Thank You!
                 Fondly, cloudia