Saturday, February 15, 2014

Easily Improve Your Gmail

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When you open
an email containing images
(photo, logo, graphics, etc)

often the sender can tell 
that you've opened the email
because of a code hidden 
in the images!

Until recently, 
Gmail didn't open those 
elements of the email
until / unless you clicked 
on a link in the email
approving it.
But now they open
unless you "opt out"
Here's how:

You can still have 
that level of privacy

by making ONE CHANGE 
in your
Gmail settings

Click on the GEAR symbol
to the right/top of your Gmail

Then click "Settings" 
from the drop down menu.

Look for "Images"
Click on the choice to 
 turn on "Ask Before."
That's It!

Click on image to ENLARGE

That's all it takes 
to  improve your privacy!

In addition
I prefer to set my own 
text size and style 
for my outgoing emails.

To do this just
go down the page to
Default Text Style. 
You can change 
and see it
right there instantly!

A personal motto or link?
Go for it!
 I put a link to this blog 
and to my novel's 
KINDLE page at the 
foot of EVERY outgoing 
email automatically!

Vacation Responder! 
Let people know 
if you will not be 
replying for a time.

Finally: At bottom
click on
Save Changes  or CANCEL.

It's THAT Easy!

Cloudia's Rule:  
If you don't know what a choice does, 
(This is a corollary of the old: 
"If it aint broke - don't fix it.)

But the tips above 
are as explained 
and safe to change!

This LINK 
will take you DIRECTLY 
into YOUR settings!   
(It's magic, I think)

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                            Warmly, cloudia