Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolution Solution

A  L  O  H  A !
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" ...And great cloud-continents 
of sunset-seas. "

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

" Nobody got where they are
by living for
tomorrow. "

Tom Wilson

 Life is a voyage.
 Victor Hugo

" Voyage upon life's sea, 
To yourself be true, 
And, whatever your lot may be, 
Paddle your own canoe. "

 Sarah Bolton

" The greatest wealth
is to live content
with little,
for there is never want
where the mind is satisfied. "  



All signs
to YOU
a lovely weekend!

Regardless of the moods 
of others around,
cherish your secret joy.

You are entitled
to it.

If they are succeptible
they will share it with you
in some way;
if they are in a darker 
they will feel your passing 
as a healing breeze.

Don't shoulder their pain
in misguided compassion,
but hold your love
and they may
in some small way
move towards it.

You love-bearer!

Thanks for bringing some

                                                                                  Warmly, cloudia