Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Meet Unique People

A  L  O  A !
" The goal of life 
is to make your heartbeat
 match the beat 
of the universe, 
to match your nature 
with Nature. "

Joseph Campbell

" All things
 share the same breath
 - the beast, the tree,
 the man... 
the air shares its spirit 
with all the life it supports. "

Chief Seattle

"  Looking back, 
my life seems like
 one long obstacle race,
 with me 
as the chief 
obstacle. "

Jack Paar

" If you spend your whole life
 waiting for the storm,
 you'll never enjoy
 the sunshine."
Morris West

 > < } } (°>

So HOW can you meet
unique people?

UNIQUE up on them!  

Enjoy the storm

& the sunshine.


is unique

and will never


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