Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hawaii Sock Weather

A  L  O  H  A !
"Some people confuse
 blurting out whatever 
crosses their mind, 
with honesty;
But that is like 
calling a burp 
a song. "
            Cloudia Charters

" When you build 
you can keep 
crossing them. "
                          Rick Pitino

We are freezing.
I am wearing socks
as I write this.

You can tell locals 
from Honolulu visitors:
Locals are wearing sweaters,
jackets, fashionable boots.
are going to the beach
in bathing suits.

It didn't get above 
73f yesterday!
And what awesome 
sleeping weather
in the low/mid 60s.
73 degrees F = 22.78 degrees C

A front full of rain & wind
passed through last night,
but it looks like the President
might just get in a 
game of golf today.

[that was written yesterday.
He took the girls
to the beach]

What fun it's been
to see the girls,
sometimes hand in hand
with their Dad.

How great
that Barack & Michelle
spent time with military
families on Christmas
as they always do.

And the wedding that got moved
for presidential golf?
The military couple understood
that such things can happen,
and said
it made their wedding day
speaking informally with
the President:
"My bosses bosses bosses boss!"
As they happily put it.
[ceremony moved to a
 'prettier' location close by]


Thank You
for visiting-
Sightings of YOU
stir up almost as much
excitement as a
Presidential motorcade!
               Fondly, cloudia