Thursday, March 29, 2012


A     L     O     H     A   !
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 “Women have sat indoors
 all these millions of years,
 so that by this time
 the very walls 
are permeated 
by their creative force-”

  Virginia Woolf,
  A Room of One's Own

 Gotta get Out
of here!

No Emergency,
Panic Attack.
[Thanks for asking]

Just, like,
need to close the 
lap top,
and walk in the 

If you would like to
"join me"
there is a video below
shot (not by me)
Ala Moana Shopping Ctr.

"World's Largest 
Open-Air Mall"

Folks from all over 
and the world.

Let's GO!

Senior Spin

A    L    O    H    A  !

Down in the Valley-

“Give me the money

 that has been spent in war

 and I will clothe every man, woman,

 and child 

in an attire of which kings 

and queens

 will be proud. 


 I will build a schoolhouse

 in every valley

 over the whole earth.

 I will crown every hillside

 with a place of worship 

consecrated to


 Charles Sumner

Up in the Sky

" I had a monumental idea
 this morning,
 but I didn't like it. "
    Samuel Goldwyn

In Secluded Meadows

“How does the Meadow flower 

its bloom unfold?

 Because the lovely little flower

 is free

 down to its root,

 and in that freedom 



 William Wordsworth

"The most insignificant people
 are the most apt to sneer at others.
 They are safe from reprisals. 
And have no hope of rising
 in their own self esteem
 but by lowering
 their neighbors.  "

William Hazlitt

" Am I foolish
 and insignificant 
or am I great? "

Sun Myung Moon

" There is nothing insignificant 
in the world. 

It all depends
 on the point of 
view.  "

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

 >< } } ( ° >

People often think
that the worlds of seniors
To younger people
this seems like

But I believe
that as we grow
we extract more
of the incredible 
daily richness
of life.

Younger folks
need massive amounts
of raw material-
for they are building-

But we elders
are in the garden 
we have made;
all that straw
woven into
golden days. 

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The One You Consider

A   L   O   H   A  !

" The person you consider 
ignorant and insignificant
 is the one who came
 from God,
that he might learn
 from grief
 and knowledge
 from gloom. "

Khalil Gibran