Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Presidential Medal of Freedom - Daniel Inouye

A  L  O  H  A !

Wearing a   Maile Lei

Flashing the   Shaka 

" I represented 

the people of Hawaii 

and this nation 


and to the best of my ability.

 I think I did 

okay. "

Daniel Inouye 

Hawaii's, America's,

 Senator Daniel K. Inouye

 is to be posthumously awarded 

The Presidential Medal of Freedom


 Wednesday November 20. 

Watergate Scandal era Dan


Before making a 

gargantuan mark on US government 

over almost 50 years, 

he was a man of courage

 in some of the 

bloodiest battles of WWII.

First Lieutenant Daniel K. Inouye 
was awarded the Medal of Honor
 for his actions during World War II

"Americanism is not 
a matter of skin or color. "

Daniel Inouye 

 The Senator
 passed last year, 
and rests just over there: 
inside Punchbowl Crater.

 But Dan and his empty sleeve

(left his arm on a French battlefield)

will never really be gone.

His accomplishments are a major part,

 the bedrock, the foundation

 of our modern Hawaii 



Hawaii's other son 

President Barack Obama,

 proves that 

in gold.

As You can tell, I'm very excited

about it!

I miss Dan.

Read Dan's obit in the

Here's my post 

about his fellow Hawaii Vets:

Who is a local hero 

of YOUR area?

                     Warmly, cloudia