Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Evening Eve

A  L  O  H  A  !
Sunshine, Sunshine by Tom Rush on Grooveshark

" Evening, EVE, the Mother Face of Night Tiptoes. . . "
 " Joy descends gently 
upon us
like the evening dew- "
Jean Paul

Rainy Day Waikiki

A  L  O  H  A  !

My Rose Of Waikiki (The 1940's) by Jules Ah See on Grooveshark

This could be Waikiki 
a hundred years ago: 
marshy, dreamy, wet 
- a place between-
between the mountains, 
the plain, and the reef. 

 The Hawaiians cultivated
 fish ponds here,

The Chinese  cultivated
 rice and ducks, 

The Americans raised hotels
 on the old 
Royal Compounds

Walter Dillingham 
had the only dredging machine in the islands.
His society friends gave him the contract
to dredge the Ala Wai Canal,
dry up the little farms,
make firm ground to

When it rains,
 the canal runs brown 
with runoff
 from the Ko`olau Mountains
 so near.

Of course,
 Waikiki is still low-lying
 and flood-prone 
as this marriage of nature
 & technology

All the tall buildings 
and hotels
operate sump pumps
like the great Cruise Ships
 they are!

When air masses move 
over thousands of miles of 
open ocean,
 they grow cocky & confident.
They forgot what rising up
 and over mountains
 can do to them,
 forming clouds, adding velocity
to their winds.

This isn't your continental weather-

Sea Storms Rage
but the islands
have not sunk

Though this guy did look a bit
 He inquired about an audition
 with Daryl
of On The m104  Fame.

I told him
 that only New York City canines

But at Pau Hana time
("after work / happy hour") 
the sun often falls below 
the cloud cover
smiles on the sea
and shoots the land
some pretty golden grins
 promising a better day
tomorrow. . . 

. . . Here in Magical Waikiki!

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