Thursday, January 16, 2014

Healing Sun Delivery

A    L    O    H    A  !
Here Comes the Sun by Nina Simone on Grooveshark
How do YOU fill the blank?
Too many of us worry
 about the bad that can happen;
But what if 
we lived expecting

Mad Happy Little Cloud-Ram Cavorting

 "Those that think it permissible
 to tell white lies
 soon grow color blind."   

 Austin O'Malley 

 “ If only we'd stop
 trying to be happy
 we'd have a
 pretty good time. ”

 Edith Wharton

I haven't been outside in days!
This Lingering Ick sure is. . . 
um, lingering.
Though clearly I am mending.

The mad dreams
have been the best part.
Yesterday, I was paling
around with a famous
baseball player.

The best one
was the long distance call
from my Dad,
though it stung a bit
when I woke
 and remembered.

Looking out my window,
reading your comments,
visiting your blogs 
(as I am able)
is the best part of 
this time of sickness.

When I was younger and on my own
I could not afford to get sick!

My car could NOT break down either!
(my old Volkswagens :)

Angels must have been helping me.

for years it all stayed together,
though now I recall,
my dad helped me out
on occasion
actually rolling up his sleeves
and going out to clean
the banks I had to clean.

Nice of him to look in again!

Let's spare a thought
for those one illness,
one paycheck away,
from homelessness-

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Warmly, cloudia