Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Murals

A  L  O  H  A !     from the Throne Room
Wahine - Female

" All knowledge is not -

Kane - Male

- taught in one school. "
                               Hawaiian Proverb

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Marin Malihini

A  L  O  H  A !
Princess Flower, Marin 
is a Hawaiian word
for a person
who JUST got here:
a newcomer.

Fragmentary Impressions
Today marks one week
that I am waking
in California
instead of Hawaii.

Like these geese,
I am paddling like mad
under the surface.

But it already suits me
down to the ground.
This is a simpatico place
on many levels,
and I feel wonderful!

I think I will do
some good work here,
and have already written
my first continental poem
in thirty years:

Marin  Malihini

These are
the stars of childhood,
profusion & wonder
I hadn't remembered
till now.

This is the Autumn
of wood smoke & colors
banishing dread heat
on leafy hushed streets.
Pumpkins and raking and cornstalks in sheafs;

This is the Autumn
that I remember.

These are the people
albeit with new faces
the people of many places
who call this bounty

Rolling country, Bay,
Meadow, Mountain;
Ocean beaches
spraying fountains.

Across the storied
Golden Gate
dreams long deferred
shimmer and wait.

This will be good,
this will be meat;
I'll labor, that labor
will bring forth much sweet.

Thank YOU
for Visiting!
Fondly, cloudia


Optional Exegesis

Waikiki is a bustling Urban Resort on lapping sands
with gentle waves and Diamond Head. Magnificent skies
but certainly no place for astronomy.

I grew up in the Northeastern USA 
with four distinct seasons.

Since 1967 I have been trying
to move to [not just visit]
The People's Republic of
San Francisco.

And now here I am: 30 minutes away.
No telling WHAT can come of this!