Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Waikiki

A  L  O  H  A !
Hawaiian Wedding Song by Hawaiian Wedding Song on Grooveshark 
YOU may click on the Pictures
 Gorgeous Day
 for a Wedding
Here in Waikiki

 Every curl, 
every blossom,
 is made ready

Of course,
there is 

 But cooler heads

It's kind of

F  U  N

Cola? Check
Beer? Check
Cigarette?  Check

The Groom remains
one of the 
coolest guys
I know.

There are ways
to find a bit of peace
and a bracer -


But as the officiant
I had to keep my head.

Had my cheat-sheet / 

R  I  N  G  S ! "

This was the biggest,
most conventional ceremony
I have ever conducted!

Several relatives
were nice enough
to come up to me
to tell me
that they liked it 
very much

All and all
a nice days work
-for friends-
at the Hawaii Yacht Club
Here in Waikiki

Thank YOU, Friend !

             Warmly, cloudia

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Glow

A  L  O  H  A !

" The very purpose
of existence
is to reconcile
the glowing opinion
we hold of
with the 
appalling things
that others think
about us. "

Quentin Crisp

" We are all worms,
but I believe that
I am
a glow worm! "

Winston Churchill

" No one can have
 a higher opinion of him
than I have,
and I think he's a
 dirty little beast. "

William Gilbert

Another bird captured in flight! [ center/ left-ish ]

Thank YOU
for flying by !

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                 Warmly, cloudia

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Transmute Fear

A  L  O  H  A !

Fettered Skies
" The greater part of our being 
is still a work in progress. "

Mark Durfee

Unfettered Skies
" Life isn't about
 waiting for the storm to 
It's about
 learning to dance
 in the rain. "

 Vivian Greene

" The snow goose
 need not bathe 
to make itself 
Neither need 
do anything 
but be 
yourself.  "

Lao Tzu


Our greatest fear
is insignificance.

But once we taste
and inhabit
our intrinsic worth

- no matter how simple
or private our life -

then we live 
every day
in value
beyond doubt.

Live as if
your comportment
all of society,
all of life.

In time you will
that it

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sky Wheel

A  L  O  H  A !

Wheel In The Sky by Journey on Grooveshark

 Riding along on my scooter.
  What is that, er, cloud?

 A Halo?
A Dragon?

 Now it's an eye

 Flying saucer effect here, eh?
Or is the Star-ship Enterprise!?

Concentric circles?  Spiral?
What's with the tail?

 The bird in the lamp seems to be enjoying it.
Local news reports: 
formed by AWACS 
Aircraft supporting RIMPAC
[ Link ]

 Birds are living flames,
flying torches

If you paint in your mind
 a picture of bright
 and happy expectations, 
you put yourself 
into a condition 
conducive to your
 goal.  "

Norman Vincent Peale

 Screaming eagle
 dives on a surprised rabbit.
Note the bird in flight [ right ]


“ Your future 
is only as bright
 as your mind
 is open. ”

  Rich Wilkins

 < ° ) } } > <      

Thanks for coming over
to play with us today!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Great Theft

 A  L  O  H  A !

 “Well, Doctor, what have we got—
a Republic or a Monarchy?”

  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

 Benjamin Franklin

 " Give us this day,
our daily noodles. "

" In America
 there is not one single
 element of civilization 
that is not made to depend, 
in the end,
 upon public opinion. "


 " - these days young Americans
 are considerably less likely
 than young people
 in many other countries
 to graduate from college.
 In fact, we have a 
college graduation rate 
that’s slightly below
 the average across
advanced economies."

My grandparents came to America from Europe
 as young children.  I have no pictures,
but in my mind's eye, I see them hand in hand
 with their parents who I never met.

They left behind homelands
 (Rumania, Kiev, Vienna)where your father's class
determined one's own. 
They came to a Dream, a Promise:

"I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door."

It was a dynamic, early 20th Century America
 of great wealth,
and also
teeming poverty in great slums;  
BUT a ladder too existed-
difficult, challenging,
 requiring hard work,
 and no little luck-
and this ladder could
 provide a worker with a 
decent home,
a community,
in which to raise a family.  

That great 20th Century invention: 
the Middle Class,
grew, and raised all boats 
with it's swell.  

 It was a land where 
if you are white: alright!
If you are brown: stick around.  
If you are black: get back!
We have come a long way 
since those times, 
and that progress was made
by growing the pie, 
expanding our "Us" 
and including all of us, 
all of our children,
in the Dream.

Now, the Dream seems far away 
to many Americans.
We are in a time of huge changes
 that I call the Great Theft.

The broad and fluid Middle Class 
that won WWII, and built
unprecedented shared prosperity, 
all while becoming increasingly inclusive,
was based on shared values 
like a level playing field, basic fairness,
transparent rules of the road.  

We were told that Capitalism
was better than Communism
 because average people
had decent lives under Capitalism.
But with the end of global Communism, 
pronounced forces in America 
turned their eyes 
to new forms of business;
business that created nothing,
 added no real value, 
that decreased our tax base, 
and abandoned 
whole regions of American workers.

Instead of making things
that our huge domestic market,
and vast potential foreign ones
 we turned to the making of

All of the painstakingly created 
prosperity of the 20th Century
was chiseled off
 of this still-great nation 
and pawned to the highest bidder.

One of my least favorite political commentators,
 Patrick Buchanan,
recently explained the details
 very concisely: 

"For decades America has been de-industrializing,
 with manufacturing shrinking
 as a share of Domestic product
 to 11% from over 30% in 1950.
Not since before the Civil War 
have we been so dependent
 on foreign goods-"

     " When the history of American decline
 is written, the historians will zero in on
a choice the nation made 
when the interests of Middle America collided
 with those of Corporate America.
     "Decades ago, America's great companies,
 having saturated the American market,
wanted to go out and capture 
the world's markets.  
Free to move production out
of the U.S.A., 
they wanted to bring their products
 back to the United States,
duty free. 
 Make them there; sell them here.  
And if the US companies were to be
allowed to produce and to sell
 in foreign countries, 
those countries wanted the right
to dump their goods in the U.S.A. "
      "And here is where
 the national interest 
and the interests of Corporate America
diverged. . . 
where what was good for 
the boardroom elite 
collided with what was
best for Middle America. . . .
North American Free Trade Agreement. . . 
GATT, the
WTO - what they all produced
 is a Magna Carta of the transnational corporation,

( I would say "Transnational Class" - Cloudia )

which looks longingly
 to the end of nation-states,
 and the arrival of 
world government."

The Government
 is supposed to be
 "By, for, and of the People" 
as Abraham Lincoln said.

By subverting, 
then destroying our government, 
the broad swath of us
is made defenseless
 in a time of global changes
 that are rocking our families.   

Right now, a
masterful job of misdirection
 is causing us to squabble
 with one another over
inconsequential issues.

In 2008, 
a vanishingly small group
 of people basically
 STOLE 40% 
of the average
American family's "wealth". 

"Too Big to Fail"
 is another word for

And the game rolls on.
We bailed them out.

Now we learn
 that private hands
 hold untaxed wealth 
in the TRILLIONS (32)
of US dollars
in hidden off-shore accounts.  
[ Study  LINK ]

Seems the "job creators" 
are REALLY hoarding
 shared prosperity! 

This untaxed hoard
 is estimated 
equivalent to the 
economies of Japan
 and the USA!  

And yet 
we are firing police 
and teachers.

A few years ago,
 a respected Navajo wise man 
came to Oahu.
  I was lucky
to hear him speak to a small group.
  He told us of unprecedented changes in
our life times.  
World Changes.  
He advised us not to hoard,
 but to use, enjoy,
 and share 
what we have accumulated
 before the changes, 
which he felt were
quite near.  

He did advise us
 to hoard one thing:  

     Many feel that 2012
 is the year for pivotal change.
But it can be a 
 of how we live together
 on this globe,
 for good,
 or for struggle.

     The peaceful, wise, 
ancient Navajo 
said one thing that I remember specifically;
 In his words:

" We will hunt the rich down 
in the streets like dogs."

     A small group of people,
 with no loyalty to nation,
 or any community,
 beyond their elite bubble, 
hold the power to indeed 
create jobs. 
Ask Mitt Romney about that. 

 Will they?

     We changed our laws
 so that drug dealers
 lose their assets even before
 they are convicted of any crime!

     We are the police, the army, 
 How bad will we let things get
 for average people, 
before we depose the Corporate-ocacy?

     They bought legislation 
and made laws
 that allowed all this
 to happen. 

We can change the laws
 and change things back.

     What human family
 needs TRILLIONS, 
or Billions in the bank?

     OUR larger human family does. 

We are all stake-holders
in the human experiment!

     Fear not.
  Tomorrow, I shall go back 
to posting personal,
 and positive vibrations
 to share with you.  
But this had to be said.
We now return you
to the joy
already in progress. . . 

Thank YOU, dear friend, 
for your valuable time.
YOUr visit
 adds much to my day!

Do YOU have a comment to add?

     Most Sincerely & Fondly, cloudia