Sunday, June 19, 2022

Every Morning Walk

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Boulders By the Beach

 There’s a thing, and I don’t
know what to term it —
old-age adolescence?
A thing that we’re
going through, that we’ve
never gone through.
It’s like a weird puberty of sorts,
becoming older and having different perspectives on things.
Jeff Bridges,
Age 71, Battled cancer, Hospitalized
with covid, now appearing in
"The Old Man" on American TV.
(Excellent BTW)

I’m an introvert…
I love being by myself,
love being outdoors,
love taking a long walk
with my dogs, and
looking at the trees,
flowers, the sky.
    Audrey Hepburn

Do your little bit of good
where you are; it’s
those little bits of good
put together that
overwhelm the world Desmond Tutu

Honolulu Police Motorcycle Officers
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Sometimes I look back
on my life and
I’m seriously impressed
I am still alive.
     A. Nony Mouse
                     (Me too!)

Don’t let the fear
of what could happen
make nothing happen.

The best bike is
the one you're on, The best road is
the one you're traveling, The best destination is
wherever you're headed, The best time to get there
is whenever you arrive. Foster Kinn

Pixie is pleased that
I've given up motorcycling
after 50+ years.
Half a century with
only minor scrapes, is
more than many
get to enjoy!
Now I'm Walking...


Pixie & Cloudia


Monday Murals 

Jaipur Garden

Voyaging Hawaiians Mural Detail