Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aging Dance

A  L  O  H  A   from Honolulu!

Kumu hula   Mapuana de Silva
 Halau Mohala 'Ilima 

“ She is one of those ladies 
who is more beautiful
 at sixty than 
she could possibly 
have been at twenty. 
(how I hope
 someone says that 
about me someday) !” 
                           Mary Ann Shaffer

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Grateful Hand

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 " Whatever hour 
God has blessed 
you with, 
take it with 
grateful hand. " 

 Pink Angel Party

" Morning 
without you 
is a dwindled 
dawn. " 
                  Emily Dickinson

Foreground, Background, Diagonal
" There is deep wisdom 
within our very flesh, 
if we can only 
come to our senses 
and feel it. "
                   Elizabeth A. Behnke

Fearsome Centipede

" Fear is the
 bane of all creatures, 
it is our black hole 
we cannot live without.” 
                    Isabella Irini Poretsis

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Self Portrait of Sort-rait

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