Friday, November 22, 2013

Come to Hawaii - LATER

A  L  O  H  A !
A Foggy Day by Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers on Grooveshark
A Voggy Day in Honolulu

" Honor has not to be 


 it must only not be 

lost. "


"One of the lessons of history

 is that nothing

 is often a good thing 

to do 

and always 

a clever thing 

to say." 

Will Durant

Normal Blue Hawaii Skies

"Make visible 
what, without you,
 might perhaps never 
have been seen."

Robert Bresson


The volcano on the Big Island
is pouring out
copious amounts
of Volcanic Haze,
called VOG
as it has for over
a quarter century!

deep Earth gasses,
and who knows 
what -

Usually, this is not
a problem
as the Trade Winds
blow it all away.

But, with southeast winds
the VOG makes it's way
here to Oahu.

Throats get scratchy,
the blue sky goes dull;
Moods are effected.

To me, pewter November days
are rich with memories
of growing up in Philadelphia.

The sky there seemed
shades of grey
all winter.

But I feel for our visitors.

Though they enjoy
this lovely place,
they may never know
of our usual climate.

When the VOG blows away
(probably this weekend)
it's as if everything
goes saturated with

So don't visit
till the weekend
except by blog
(this one first preferably)

Do you have local issues?
Snakes? Sink Holes,
Do share in comments.

I love YOU guys!
Thanks SO much
for paying this visit.
                                Warmly, cloudia