Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Dancing on the Moon" - Fleischer Cartoon Classic 1935

A L O H A !

 Ah, a lazy Island Saturday !

 Once around Diamond Head 
 - that's Diamond Head Light,
 home (the attached house)
to the Grand Poohbah
 of the US Coast Guard

 Look - 
I caught a bird in flight!
(see how the feet 
are extended to land?)

Well, We've 
"Played Outside"
Now let's
be kids again! 


 When we were young
Saturday morning
was the time
to watch CARTOONS
on the little black & white

Before Sponge Bob,
or Angry Birds,
a whole other 
wondrous world
was created
by a man
you probably never
heard of:

" Max Fleischer 
(July 19, 1883 – September 11, 1972)
 was an American animator.
 He was a pioneer in the development
 of the animated cartoon
 and served as the head of Fleischer Studios. 
He brought such animated characters as
 and Superman to the movie screen 
and was responsible for
 a number of technological innovations. "


If you remember Betty Boop
and her pal Bimbo,
if you remember
dancing, singing flowers,
and a clothed animal audience
watching a live show,
you ALREADY have 
the Fleischer bug!

Are there things
 from your own
that you think about
from time to time?

Is there an old song
that starts playing
 in your head,
as it has for

Well here's mine - 

Thanks to You Tube
nothing is really lost.

So shall we dance?

On the moon?!

I think you'll be glad
if you watch this
animation from the
                            WARMLY, cloudia