Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !
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Happy Restorers of the World

A  L  O  H  A !
N. Calif. Cloud Castle
"Education is the ability to 
listen to almost anything 
without losing your temper 
or your self confidence." 
                          Robert Frost

  "We need enthusiasm, 
imagination, and the 
ability to face facts, 
even unpleasant ones." 
            Franklin Roosevelt

Life dances 
All around us.
Celebrate That!

Winter Comforts
"The relationship that solves 
your problems is the 
relationship you have 
with yourself." 
     Diane Von Furstenberg

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Global SkyWatch

At eventide
go inside and rest.

Restore your soul
as you repair
The World.

"The evil of the Day
is sufficient thereto."

But that day should contain
Clear Thought,
Kindness Above All.

Even to Yourself.

Call your elected servants.
Tell them what concerns you.
Visit, smile, bring donuts;
Be yourself. Calm down.

Make friends with the staff.
Be friendly and relaxed,
and have a sentence ready
that expresses your concern.

Don't linger too long.
But come back 
in 3 weeks.
Leave a brief,
clear action letter
for their boss.
[Here is my concern and
proposed actions I'd like 
to see happen.]

Don't be surprised
if you find yourself
sitting with your
Mayor, Congressman,
and they ask for 
your view!

Email testimony about a 
statewide or local concern.
Share your opinion,
your values.
Find like-minded
Seek organizations
doing work you
believe in and 
get on their email.

Why not run
for the school board
or Town Council?

We retired folks have 
seen much come and  go.

Though we remain involved
it is everyone's duty now
to come to the aid
of What Is Right.

There is urgency, 
but no
Hurry & Worry.
We will pull through
We are happy warriors
making friends as we go!

So as evening rolls in,
even Winter's early eve,
rest, restore, and revel
in this moment!

I love each of You
who visit.

Thank You,
Your Friend,