Friday, August 7, 2015

Sky Watch

A  L  O  H  A !

" Happiness will 
come to you when 
it comes from you. "

" The best cosmetic 
in the world is 
an active mind 
that is always finding 
something new. "  
                 Mary Meek Atkeson

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Dashboard Cluttered With Dead Blogs?

A  L  O  H  A !
Bless Keith Haring-Viral BEFORE Internet!

" As long as you're moving, 

it's easier to steer. "

[as Keith was when he hit the streets 
and public spaces of New York City with babies 
crawling & dancing!]

“ If you're stuck in the past,
 you go forward in reverse. ” 
                                 Josh Stern

" Don't be stuck in a life 
that's not yours just 
because of a bad habit. "
                               Constance Chuks Friday


Has this happened to you?  

You decided to stop following a blog
 (hey it happens for a lot of reasons) 
so you clicked on  "gear" icon 
to the right of "Reading List" 
on your Blogger dashboard, 
only to get:

"We are unable to load 
your FriendConnect 
data at this time. 
We apologize for 
the inconvenience. 
Please try again shortly."

I've been trying
"again shortly" for 
years, unable to free up 
space to follow any new blogs.

Finally, I Googled my issue
(ironic I know)
and found the 
Magic  Key
to dumping all those
Zombie Blogs
cluttering your dashboard.

Some of you
will be SO Happy!

You`re welcome.

To stop following those blogs: 

Use Google`s OTHER option:

or cut & paste:

I feel SO FREE!

Thank YOU
for Visiting.
                           Fondly, cloudia