Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Scatter Gather Rather

A  L  O  H  A !
" It's not what you gather,
but what you scatter 
that tells what kind of life
you have lived. "
                         Helen Walton

" One gives freely, 
yet grows all the richer; 
another withholds 
what he should give, 
and only suffers want. "
                        Proverbs 11:24

" For with the 
measure you use, 
it will be 
measured to you." 
                Luke 6:38

 (  '>



It does seem to be
 the Givers
who get the most
out of life: 

In good measure,
pressed down,
shaken together;
Plenty to share.

Much of what
others most need
from ourselves
is free,
within the realms of
attitude & behavior.

The world you believe in
builds itself around you,
or rather:
YOU build it
every day.

I'm placing this post
right HERE,
just SO.
Another brick
in the walk.

Thank You 
for lingering!
              Fondly, cloudia