Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rudeness RX

A  L  O  H  A !
" Life is as dear to a 
mute creature as it is to man. 
Just as one wants happiness 
and fears pain, 
just as one wants to live
 and not die, 
so do other creatures. "

His Holiness,
 The Dalai Lama

" Lots of people talk to animals.... 
Not very many listen, though.... 
That's the problem. "

Benjamin Hoff

Are YOU plagued by rudeness,
or is it a rare occurrence?

Encountering Rudeness
What do YOU do?

Get Angry? Retaliate?

If you continue on,
do you despise
your "meekness" ?

Do you consider the
mental health breaking point
of the other party,
glad it was words,
or a glance,
not bullets?

Can you leave it
behind, or
does it saddle you
the rest of the day?

I have found myself
remembering my own
youthful rudeness:

"They are behaving
as I once did."

My world was
a rougher place then.
But I've grown soft
and lain the boulder down.

So go on your way
fool that is was me!
Go with my blessing;
Wishes for 
what I have found.

Perhaps regarding you thus,
cleanses a smidge
of the world's karmic debt,
my own karmic weight.

Per - Haps

We are responsible
for the world we live in.

We notice
what feeds our

we wear our 
style of reality 
like a suit,
we consider others
"out of fashion."

What is your fabric
and how is it cut,
my friend on this funny
blog trail?

Healthy confident humility
is not self immolation,
just hell
to the ego.

Burn it up!

You are bigger than that
after all.

             fondly, cloudia

Friday, November 29, 2013

Finding Losing

A  L  O  H  A !
Finding Grumps (From the Film "One Week") by Andrew Lockington on Grooveshark

" Losing is
 a learning experience.
 It teaches you humility.
 It teaches you 
to work harder. . .
a powerful motivator. "
Ritu Ghatourey

" Find 
what makes your 
heart sing 
and create 
your own music. "

Mac Anderson

" -and if any one doth
 question you,
 Wherefore do ye loose it? 
thus ye shall say to him -
- The Lord hath need of it.' "

Luke 19:31
Young's Literal Translation

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >  

Don't you hate
losing things?

I do.

So when I thought
I'd left behind
a grocery item
already paid for
I felt a loss.

I'm not a scripture person
because I seek
what unites us,
not doctrinal arguments.

But immediately
popped into my head:

"The Lord Hath Need of it."

I remembered
all the things I have found,
little gifts from the Universe,
often JUST when needed.

"Perhaps," I thought,
"I've really just repaid
my own
to someone who needs
right now."

I felt less a losing fool,
than a generous

Sometimes things happen
for purposes we cannot see.

So I will make my 
things lost, or not found,

Perhaps a greater need
is satisfied
instead of my own.

I like that.

What do YOU think?

See YOU in Comments :-)

                               Warmly, cloudia

Thursday, November 28, 2013

On Their Way

My Dear Friend;

How often we believe

that our adventures are 

all behind us

right before

our best ones

[Best Wishes Ruth & Gordon]

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                                         Warmly, cloudia

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sensitive They Say

A  L  O  H  A !
"All streams
 flow to the sea
because it sits
 lower than they.
This is the power
of humility."

 Lao Tzu

" A person may be proud
without being vain.
Pride. . . our opinion
 of ourselves,
what we would have
think of us. "

Jane Austen

" Find out who you are
and be that person. "

Ellen DeGeneres


"You're sensitive" they say,
like there's a problem with that.
Well, a violin
makes a lousy 
baseball bat.
If punch is all you care about
I'm not your girl.

The arrogant and shallow
understand all of it perfectly,
never bothering with
and call themselves
Big Thinkers
like children
moving pieces on a board.

Why do we empower
their delusion
letting them treat us as pawns
those 'leaders / Job Makers'
in their cushy bubble?

But the jokes' on them.
They don't know us at all;
And you are the very nicest
part of life in this world.

Knowing your uniqueness
is true wealth
in my eyes!

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                               Warmly, cloudia

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sincerely Pleased

A  L  O  H  A !
  " As soon as you trust yourself,

 you will know how to live."


"You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an honest effort to confer that pleasure on others? -

- Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy."

Lydia M. Child

" Whenever you are 

sincerely pleased 

you are nourished. "

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Look Like Friends

A  L  O  H  A !
Beautiful People by Melanie Safka on Grooveshark

" It suddenly struck me
 that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, 
was the Earth.
 I put up my thumb 
and shut one eye, 
and my thumb blotted out
 the planet Earth. 
I didn't feel like a giant. 
I felt very, very small. "

Neil Armstrong 


" To the degree 
that you shed your attachment
to making an impact,
you will make the exact impact
that matters most. 
Give yourself
without any expectations. "

Rob Brezsny


" Eternity 
is in love
 with the productions
 of time."

William Blake 

                                                > <  }  }  ( ° >

That song by Melanie
brought back a lot of emotion.
It surprised me how much.

Back then mimeographed flyers
were the only internet we knew,
and buttons you wore
said things like
"Make Love Not War"
and "Impeach Nixon."

The adult world
seemed rather harsh,
always trying
to teach us one
cold lesson or another.

But we were looking
for beautiful people,
whose faces were not angry
the minute they saw us.

We were looking for
a beautiful, meaningful
way to live.

I write my posts
every day,
sending them out,
like a rose petal
down on a super highway-
But a miracle happens:

Beautiful people find ME!

That's you.
That is us.
And we are 

Coo coo kachoo!

This really touches me.

Every Day.

Thank YOU.

                          warmly, cloudia

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Animal Play

A  L  O  H  A !
Medley: City Boy / If I Could Talk To The Animals by Marc Eliot on Grooveshark
 Where are you going? Don't duck out.

 NOT in front of my wife!

 Hello Handsome!

 He's not giving me 
any play either. 
But he is with his
person [see the hand?] 
engaging in 
the very important matter
of trash picking. 
I hope they get 
enough to eat.

Yes. It is good to have a partner!

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                                  Warmly, cloudia

Saturday, November 23, 2013


A  L  O  H  A !
" No matter how smart
you thought you were,
you are actually
way less smart
than that."

David Foster Wallace

" We are always
the same age

Gertrude Stein

" The face of a child
can  say it all.
the mouth part
of the face."

Jack Handey

Are Today's quotes:

I suspect there is no
correct answer.

Is there a universal word
understood all over our globe?

Dutch scientists say 
[ That's a 'Yes']

10 languages on 
5 continents:
Dutch, Icelandic, 
Mandarin Chinese,
West African Siwu,
 Australian aboriginal 
Murrinh-Patha -

ALL use

" -only 'Huh?' occurs 
across languages 
whose phonetic patterns 
otherwise vary greatly. "

 Mark Dingemanse, 
Francisco Torreira.
 Nick Enfield, 
Max Planck Institute
for Psycholinguistics 

New York Times (Link)

As I told my (blog invisible) husband:
"I cause nice people ALL over the world
to go "Huh???"

                                    Warmly, cloudia