Friday, April 5, 2013

April Willows Wave

In Memory, as Near as the Next Breath:

Thanks for lingering
with us a while! 

Your comment
 is received as a blessing;
                                         Warmly, cloudia

Honolulu Calling

A  L  O  H  A !                                

"The coldest winter I ever saw

 was the summer I spent

 in San Francisco." 

Attributed to Mark Twain

“ Everything is relative

 in this world, where 

change alone endures. ”

Leon Trotsky

“Put your hand on a hot stove

 for a minute, 

and it seems like an hour.

 Sit with a pretty girl

 for an hour, 

and it seems like a minute. 

THAT'S relativity.”

 Albert Einstein 

" It was one of those March days

 when the sun shines hot 

and the wind blows cold: 

when it is summer

 in the light,

 and winter

 in the shade."

Charles Dickens 

62 F /  17 C

That was this morning's 

LOW Temp

To YOU:  Balmy

To us: 

Holy S***! #$%&**''"#"`!!!!!

There are in our world

right now


many many people

who would


trade places

with You or me.

Let's really appreciate,


what we have,

and do not have

to put up with.

Go ahead:

! CeLeBrAtE !

If that seems

wrong, or

puzzling to YOU,




to the party

                        Warmly, cloudia