Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Benefactor Morning Walk

A L O H A From Honolulu!

What Oh What Shall I See
Walking This Morning
In Waikiki?
The secret of genius is 

to carry the spirit of 

the child into old age, 

which means never 

losing your enthusiasm. 

     Aldous Huxley

"Walk (Sign) Among Rainbows"

A photographer is an acrobat 

treading the high wire 

of chance, trying to 

capture shooting stars.

                          Guy Le Querrec

Tree Behind Tree

The good are befriended 

even by weakness and defect.

As no one ever had a 

point of pride that was 

not injurious to him, 

so no one had ever a 

defect that was not 

somewhere made 

useful to him. 

Our strength grows 

out of our weakness. 

A great one is always 

willing to be little.

Punished, tormented, 

defeated, we have 

a chance to learn 


Every evil to which we 

do not succumb

is a benefactor.


A gentle hand 

may lead even 

an elephant 

by a hair.     


  L ove You - Good Luck, 

          Cloudia & Pixie