Friday, November 20, 2015

Marin November Reflections

A  L  O  H  A !

“What you see with 
your eyes are transient 
and ephemeral,
What you see 
through your heart 
is everlasting
 and eternal.” 
                  Debasish Mridha

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City Lights Bookstore

A  L  O  H  A !
we suddenly 
wake up and see 
that what we thought 
to be this and that,
 ain't this and that 
at all?” 
                       Jack Kerouac, 
                                     The Dharma Bums

Alley outside is the link between Chinatown
& Italian neighborhood. Full of art! [and tourists!]
“I am waiting
for the meek to be blessed
and inherit the earth...
without taxes” 
                         Lawrence Ferlinghetti
                                  [Still going strong in his 90's!]

Sign reads: "Poet For Hire"
“The Beats and the Pranksters showed us 
different ways of opting out of society. 
They were both the personification of 
countercultural movements. The Beats 
were trying to change literature, 
and the Pranksters were trying to 
change the people and the country. 
Kesey, in fact, was his own 
cultural revolution, striving 
to keep the upbeat, 
freedom-loving spirit 
of America alive.” 
                 Sterling Lord, 
                                Lord of Publishing: A Memoir


" Founded in 1953 by 
poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti 
and Peter D. Martin, City Lights 
was our nation's 
first all-paperback bookstore. 

This great independent bookstore
 hosted Allen Ginsburg 
and other famous Beat Poets
 for their earliest readings.

Visitors from across the country 
and around the world come every day 
to browse, read, and just soak in 
the ambiance of alternative culture's 
only "Literary Landmark." "

Back in the early 1960's tour buses 
showed tourists the "beatniks" by 
pulling up in front of City Lights! 
Today, the Beats' legacy of 
anti-authoritarian politics and 
insurgent thinking continues to
be a strong influence in the store."

" The City Lights masthead says 
A Literary Meetingplace since 1953, 
and this concept includes publishing books 
as well as selling them. 
In 1955, Ferlinghetti launched 
City Lights Publishers with the now-famous 
Pocket Poets Series; Today, City Lights has 
well over two hundred titles in print, with 
a dozen new titles being published each year. 
The press is known and respected for 
its commitment to innovative and 
progressive ideas, and its resistance to forces 
of conservatism and censorship. 
All City Lights Publications 
that are currently available are proudly 
featured in the bookstore and 
on their website as well.

With this bookstore-publisher combination, 
"it is as if," says Ferlinghetti,
 "the public were being invited, in person 
and in books, to participate in that 
'great conversation' between authors of all ages, 
ancient and modern." City Lights has become 
world-famous, but it has retained 
an intimate, casual, anarchic charm. 
It's a completely unique 
San Francisco experience, and 
a must for anyone who 
appreciates good books. "
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May you feel
liberated from the 
same old arguments
into a realm of 
possibility, and 
personal creativity!
                    Fondly, cloudia