Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hawaii Equality Signing LIVE


Progressives Are Wrong About This

A  L  O  H  A !

Click on this beach and linger
Honored that the New York Times
 used the closing lines 
of my remarks 
to explain this whole debate: 
'In Hawaii we are all minorities,
 and we all deserve 
the same dignity
 and respect.' "

Hawaii Rep, Chris Lee 

"A small group of thoughtful people
 could change the world. 
Indeed, it's the only thing 
that ever has." 

Margaret Mead

"You can stand tall 
without standing on someone. 
You can be a victor 
without having victims. "

 Harriet Woods
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"Well you walk into a restaurant, 
Strung out from the road 
And you feel the eyes upon you 
As you're shakin' off the cold 
You pretend it doesn't bother you 
But you just want to explode 

Most times you can't hear 'em talk, 
Other times you can 
All the same old cliches, 
"Is that a woman or a man?" 
And you always seem outnumbered, 
You don't dare make a stand."

Bob Seger 

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are used to being

Public Health & Safety,
Worker Rights,
Women's Suffrage.

People were vilified,
lives were ruined
families divided
over these issues.

But much has changed.
A tide is turning,
a humane, pragmatic tide.

The Angry Right, 
Angry Fundamentalists
and Corporate Interests
are all doing shocking stuff
for one reason:

The coming tsunami
scares them!

So stop feeling outnumbered.
Don't panic about GMO extortion.

Just keep going!

We need a new mentality
for this new day.
That does not emerge

Stand Up Tall,

Share & Celebrate,


This is what we do,

and our outlandish dreams
become consensus 

What say YOU?
                       fondly, cloudia