Sunday, March 7, 2021

Many Faces

 A  L  O  H  A   From Honolulu!

I never tire of rainbows. May they never tire of me!

The future is always 

beginning now.

     Mark Strand

Real generosity toward the future 

lies in giving all to the present.

                Albert Camus

It takes a lot of imagination 

to be a good photographer.  . .

in photography everything 

is so ordinary; it takes a 

lot of looking before you 

learn to see the ordinary.

 David Bailey

Lilies Sillies

Getaway, N. Shore Oahu

Sometimes you need 

to step outside, 

get some fresh air and 

remind yourself 

of who you are and 

who you want to be.

Gossip Girl 

A positive attitude gives you 

power over your circumstances 

instead of your circumstances 

having power over you. 

                                Joyce Meyer


Love You,
       Pixie & Cloudia