Monday, May 24, 2021

Plum[eria] Assignment

 A L O H A From Honolulu!

Life is a lot like jazz - 

it's best 

when you improvise.

George Gershwin

Your time is limited, 

so don't waste it living 

someone else's life.

Steve Jobs

The piano ain't got 

no wrong notes.

         Thelonious Monk

The plumeria / frangipani flower
symbolizes birth, love,
Spring, new beginnings,
fresh life and renewal.

In Buddhist culture,
this blossom
represents immortality:
The plumeria lives,
and puts forth flowers,
even when uprooted.

Considered a sacred being,
plumeria is growing
outside of every
Buddhist temple in Laos.

This emblematic flowering tree
was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands
in 1860 by Wilhelm Hillebrand,
a German physician & botanist.

Often planted in churchyards
and Island cemeteries,
she is called
"Make Man Flower'
[ Pronounced:'Mah - Kay'
'Make' means
'Dead' in the Hawaiian
Language.] This is
every island child's
first lei;
Beloved by all!

If a Jacaranda blossom

falls on your head,

You will have good luck!

Jacarandas too are

emblems of rebirth

and Spring magic!

Your time is limited, so 

don't waste it living 

someone else's life.

Steve Jobs


Love You,

Pixie & Cloudia

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