Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crazy Clockwork

Aloha &
Welcome to the Playroom of My Mind!

. . . A Comforting thought. . .

We each think of ourselves as the "Average" or "Normal" person.

What we notice about others

is the way that they are different from us:

"That kid, some woman, an old guy, a funny accent."

The cool thing is

that our identify shifts and changes;

we get to play different roles

at different times.

We are the kid watching the adults,

we are the excited young bridal couple,

we look back with perspective

from the plinth our later years.

Our viewpoint shifts quite a lot over a life time.

Sometimes we feel exalted,

other times we feel small and insignificant

as the shadow of an insect

clinging to a wall. . .

Our lives are like an Orrery


"A clockwork model of the solar system"

We dance, we twirl and pivot; we change positions and relations to the other dancers.

Yet, there is meaning to discover - some order to it all. Or so we trust as we dance through space. Some of us are comets, never staying in any system for long, others fancy ourselves suns around which our families revolve. For all the cogs and turns, the revolutions (at last) come full circle. Beginning / Middle / End. Youth / Prime / Golden Hour. . .

Tick Toc (don't stop) What's special about today?