Sunday, November 20, 2011

Natalie Wood

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" At night, 
when the sky is full of stars
 and the sea is still 
you get the wonderful sensation
 that you are floating in space. " 

Natalie Wood

"When you are sorrowful
 look again in your heart, 
and you shall  see
that in truth
you are weeping for that
which has been your
delight. "

 Kahlil Gibran

This is the boat from which Natalie departed this life,
docked here in Honolulu

"I like being on the water
 or near the water,
 but not in the water."

Natalie Wood


 it is because she grew up before our eyes
in the movies
that Natalie Wood seemed more than
a "movie star."

There was something
 very individual,
and familiar
 about her.

She was beautiful too,
but in an unassuming,
un-brassy way.

Like an ancient hero
she was taken too soon,
 taken into 
the realm of 
the immortals.

The boat from upon which
 she sailed
from land for the last time
has been re-sold,
and docked here in Honolulu
for many years.

Now that the case surrounding her death
is being re-examined
officials are coming over from California
to scrutinize the vessel.

was my college lab science.
The professor told us
that he would give us extra credit
for every weather-related news story
we clipped/printed
and brought to class.

"How many weather stories can there BE?"
I wondered.

But that turned out to be
just what he was teaching us:
the importance of weather,
( once you notice it )
all over the world
week after week.

I had no problem
finding such a story
every week,
all semester.

Have YOU found
that visiting Hawaii
 via this blog
has been a little 
like that?

Here on the most remote islands
on Earth,
my life MUST be quite different
from yours
-and yet-
there always seems to be
that I find
 to present to 
Y O U.

In this case,
my connection to Natalie
goes beyond sharing a harbor 
for many years
with the 'death boat.'

When the film
"Inside Daisy Clover" came out
I was the same age
 as the character she played:
a tom-boy who mostly raised herself.

If you watch,
really watch,
the performance at the beginning
 of the video below,
you will see an extraordinary
that spoke deeply to me
as an adolescent;

A yearning,
a determination,
a 'self-pumping up'
an unconventionality
that I really identified with.

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                                            warmly, cloudia

Inside Daisy Clover HERE