Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reeling in the Years

A  L  O  H  A !

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Pokai Bay, Oahu
" My favourite thing
is to go
where I've never been. "

Diane Arbus

 Has it really been a DECADE since I've walked in New York?!

" There is nothing
like returning to a place
that remains unchanged 
to find the ways 
in which you yourself
have altered.  "

Nelson Mandela


"Santa?   Hello?"

"A house without either a cat 
or a dog 
is the house of a scoundrel." 
Portuguese Proverb

What do you mean dog OR Cat?!

" A cat is more intelligent
than people believe,
and can be taught 
any crime. "

Mark Twain


Kate Middleton
is turning
I'd like to
feel & look

would I actually go back
to that age?

What is that they say?
" If I knew then
what I know 


There is also an old
Pennsylvania Dutch saying,

“ Too soon old,
  too late smart. ”

 Just between us;
it is certainly true 
of me.

George Bernard Shaw said
" Youth is wasted
on the young."

But I don't think that's true.

Youth has it's joys, tasks & 
We mature people
have very different

So no,
I would not like to forget
the little wisdom
that I have acquired;
Nor the people
and experiences
that I have enjoyed
and endured
since age

Elizabeth Taylor said:
" It is strange
that the years teach us patience;
that the shorter our time,
the greater our capacity for waiting. "

It takes courage to realize
that our time here,
(our loved ones' too)
has an expiration date.

If you could begin
but had to leave the life
you know
and built
would you

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                                                                                Warmly, cloudia