Monday, February 4, 2013

Quel Dommage

A   L   O   H   A  !
Isn't It A Pity by Billy Preston on Grooveshark

" Children show scars like medals.
 Lovers use them
 as secrets
 to reveal. 

A scar is what happens 
when the word
 is made flesh."

Leonard Cohen 

" Every stress
 leaves an indelible scar,
 and the organism pays
 for its survival
 after a stressful situation
 by becoming a little 
older. "

Hans Selye 

" Adopting the right attitude 
can convert a negative stress
 into a positive one. "

Hans Selye 

" If you want others to be happy, 
practice compassion.

 If you want to be happy,
 practice compassion. "

14th Dalai Lama 

" I see the potential 
for a new world
 being born in front of me
 and all around me,
 and I feel the only way
 to bring that potential 
into being 
is to know myself. "

Gary Zukav 


Each of us humans

 has been damaged.
scraped knees, hurt feelings,
and more.

Each one of us.

There is:
 Unknown Damage,
Unacknowledged Damage,

Some cannot see
their own wounded places;
Unknown to themselves
they fester
 into more damage-
to themselves
and to others.

Some of us, and I am one,
have run from our scars.
Thinking we needed to be special,
 to be worthy
we run from our

To look, to accept, to just


 with our damaged selves
allows ever-polite 
to arise.

Emptying ourselves
of excuses
has welcomed her.


Thank YOU
for bringing
YOUr Authentically
Sweet Self
here today!

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很大的運氣來了 Great Luck

A L O H A !


Great Forces
are moving
in Your