Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Fences

These fellows are building 
a temporary fence!
How perfect for 
Good Fences.

A Private Event
 will be held here.

What do you 
 you forgot the 

Voila! Temp Fence Complete

"Whatever I own 
is temporary, 
since we're 
only here for a 
short period of time. 
It's what we do 
and produce,
 it's our actions 
that will last 
That's real value. "
                       Nicolas Berggruen

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from all over:

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Maya Angelou

Flowers - No Comment

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"Sex is part of nature.

I go along with nature. "

                                Marilyn Monroe

 “ Nobody sees a flower
 - really -
 it is so small it takes time
 - we haven't time -
 and to see takes time,
 like to
 have a friend 
takes time. ” 
                           Georgia O'Keeffe,

“ Touch me,
 touch the palm
 of your hand to
 my body
 as I pass,
Be not afraid
 of my body. ” 
                           Walt Whitman
                               Leaves of Grass


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