Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things I am Remembering: [of cooler climes]

A  L  O  H  A !
Good things 
happen slowly. 
                                 Abigail Thomas

I am learning how 
to speak up when 
something's wrong 
without being motivated 
by anger and becoming 
part of the problem.

We are settling into 
this house, this life
by the wetlands.
No crowding, no traffic, 

no sweating! 
 It is like being on 
a cruise all day 
with waterbirds and 
sea birds, nearby 
flying right over. 

Pixie Cat is loving it too 
and realizing that she 
really has room to run!
[and relax]

 It is very sunny, bright 
and gorgeous like a perfect 
Trade Wind day in Hawaii,
but a bit chiller - 
nicely so I think.


Things I am Remembering:
[of cooler climes]
Warming one's fingers to play.
Things one touches or picks up 
being cold to the touch, not warm!
Washing hands with long sleeves.
The silence when the heat shuts off.
The comfort when the heat turns on!
Smell of woodsmoke, and the sounds
of the country, when I step outside
in the evening to take it ALL in.

This is very much like the country
outside of Philadelphia where
I spent the first 10 years of my life.
Memory is stirring - or perhaps it
is just a function of growing older.
Life and Earth are
Lovely things!

Thanks For Visiting,
for *Charing!
                Fondly, cloudia

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